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Tetra SafeStart Plus Review

Tetra SafeStart Plus Review

No fish tank comes ready. There are plenty of things to be done before you introduce the fishes. There is a lot of waiting period already. For starters, you have to let the water to settle for good long time. Then, you have to fill in the gravel at the bottom of the tank. In addition, you have to bring in membrane filters and oxygen pumping devices. For cosmetic purposes, some ornaments have to be put in. Sometimes, the ornaments contain chemicals that can be harmful to the fish. Hence, you have to let water along with gravel, filter and ornaments to settle for more than a couple of days. Is your tank fish-ready now? Absolutely not! Check this Tetra SafeStart Plus review! Check the product on amazon here:

You have to create active life system with microbes. Importantly, you need to induce a significant growth of bacterial colony in the tank. It takes a few days or weeks to naturally happen. To fast-track the entire process, you need the Tetra SafeStart Plus. It is a concentrated solution of live bacteria that treats ammonia. The aim is to create a safe, biological environment that allows immediate introduction of fishes into the tank. The particular concentration of bacteria is optimized for aquarium usage, via bacterial strains of Nitrosomonas and Nitrospira. Let’s look more into its theoretical aspects and practicalities of SafeStart Plus in this detailed review.

Tetra SafeStart Plus Review on making your tank fish-ready

Tetra SafeStart Plus is more of startup kit, though it can be used during massive water change. Like the name suggests, it gives a safe start to your aquarium tank. Unlike most products in the market, the SafeStart Plus is exclusively used to boost bacteria count in the tank. It does not condition your water, neutralize chlorines or chloramines or heal infections in fishes. Nevertheless, adding beneficial bacteria is crucial for any kind of tank. While freshly setting up, it would involve a long waiting period for the bacterial colony to establish. Similarly, during water change the tank tends to lose beneficial bacteria to a great extent.

SafeStart Plus works best in reducing toxins such as ammonia and nitrate. It does best in powering the nitrogen cycle, especially in the filter. Tetra provides naturally grown aquatic bacteria rather than industrially grown terrestrial strains as found in other products. If you are a seasoned hobbyist, Tetra is a name you can trust. Tetra SafeStart Plus is the flagship of this reputable brand. It’s a fast acting solution that provides healthy environment for fishes. Nevertheless, you need to ensure the other factors such as oxygen levels, chlorine levels and filtration don’t give up. It’s way safer if you are adding just 2 fishes initially to check conditions.

Tetra SafeStart Plus, For Newly Set-Up Fish aquariums, 100 ml, 3.38-Ounce
  • PREVENTS NEW TANK SYNDROME Accelerates of the establishment of healthy bacteria in newly set-up freshwater aquariums
  • REDUCES TOXINS Helps remove dangerous levels of ammonia and nitrite
  • ACCELERATES TANK CYCLING Helps establish a healthy tank from the start for instant results
  • FAST-ACTING Starts working immediately to provide a healthy environment for new fish without a long wait
  • USAGE Treat when setting up a new aquarium after a water or filter change when adding new fish or after medication

Tetra SafeStart Plus Review on treating ammonia effectively

Ammonia is the invisible killer in your tank. Concentrations as small as 2 parts per million (ppm) can cause your prized fishes to die. The only safe concentration of ammonia is < 0 ppm, for any aquarium. It is measured by factoring tank size and gallons of water filled. Ammonia can result from excessive feeding or even from excretion. Generally, any organic waste including dead plants and filter dirt releases ammonia when they break down.

SafeStart contains the perfect combination of bacteria – Nitrosomonas and Nitrospira – to induce the nitrification process. Nitrosomonas helps with the oxidation of ammonia to nitrites. Nitrospira follows it up with oxidation of nitrites to nitrates. Both of these dominant and effective strains of bacteria are slow-growing organisms that would otherwise take weeks to create a naturally established population without any use of concentrations.

SafeStart contains live bacteria of these potent strains that could colonize a 100 gallon tank right away. In our tests, the colonization was pretty effective and the bacteria found its way to all the critical spots. You don’t have to fill it in filter membrane or any other part specifically. The ammonia test strips gave us satisfactory results after using SafeStart Plus. The fishes explored the tank quite actively, immediately after being let in.

Words of caution …

SafeStart Plus packs tons of live bacteria. Do not freeze it in cold storage or leave it exposed to sun. Make sure you receive the product properly packed and compressed. If your UPS guy is delivering it thinly wrapped on a hot sunny day, it serves no purpose. Also, check with expiry date before using it on your tank. Usually, it has over a year till expiry date when delivered.

Ideal usage

A bottle of Tetra SafeStart plus can treat up to 100 gallons. Most of us use a 54 gallon tank on average. Make clear calculations on how much of concentrations you are going to need for your tank.  Remember that just a dose can add in a full filter bed of bacteria. Besides there are three sizes of SafeStart Plus that is available currently. Moreover, you can administer dosage pretty easily. It’s easy to measure from its cap. There is no annoying scoops or table spoon measurements.

In addition, you need to understand that the treatment versus dosage rate varies with the age of the setup. 250ml works well with just 70 gallons of water in a freshly setup tank. But the same dosage could treat up to 500 gallons during water changes in the maintenance routine.

Using Tetra SafeStart Plus is not a single time fix. You need to use them whenever you feel that the ammonia levels have gone up. It should be used mildly during water changes to speed up the re-population of bacteria in the tank.  Take ammonia tests whenever your fishes are darting through the tank or dying, and use these concentrations if the ammonia has to be treated.

Tetra SafeStart Plus Review
Tetra SafeStart Plus Review


  • Contains best bacterial strains to treat ammonia
  • Works literally in minutes
  • Cap helps with easy dosage measurements


  • Very specific, single purpose product
  • Cannot be stored in extremely hot or cold weather


At just over $15, Tetra SafeStart Plus is a steal. This gem of a product from Tetra is perfect for amateurs, seasoned hobbyists and pet shops alike. It works best in a combination with membrane filter and an oxygen device. Let your fishes enjoy a fully cycled tank while coexisting with a large colony of beneficial bacteria.

Bottomline: A terrific product with simple-to-use instructions that does what it claims.

I hope you liked this review.Please do let me know your thoughts in comments! Also do Check out my review on API TAP Water Conditioner Review

Tetra SafeStart Plus


Ease of Use


Value for money


Safe to Use





  • Contains best bacterial strains to treat ammonia
  • Works literally in minutes
  • Cap helps with easy dosage measurements
  • Budget friendly


  • Very specific, single purpose product
  • Cannot be stored in extremely hot or cold weather

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