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API Ammo Lock : Ammonia detoxifier

API Ammo Lock

Ammonia detoxifiers are used to remove toxic ammonia from your aquarium and help your tank be a healthy and safe environment for fish. API Ammonia Detoxifier, named API Ammo Lock is a product that can clean up to 200 gallons of water per day. The usage indicated by API is 5ml per 10 gallon or 38 liters of water. The product is available in 4 Oz, 16 Oz & 154 FL Oz containers. Check the product on amazon here:

What is Aquarium Ammonia detoxifier and how does it work?

Many pet owners know that the smell of ammonia is one of the worst culprits in an aquarium. Ammonia is a gas emitted from fish waste and uneaten food. This gas is actually a byproduct of fish metabolism and is a necessary one for the balance of the ecosystem in aquariums. Ammonia is a toxin that can lead to suffocation and death in high concentrations, but is converted into less harmful substances such as nitrates and nitrogen by bacteria found in filter. The Ammonia Detoxifier also has two other functions, removing nitrites and nitrates. The Ammonia Detoxifier uses an enzyme reaction to oxidize ammonium ions into harmless nitrogen gas releasing ammonia gas. These act as natural ammonia filters. They also provide a safe spot for your fish to hide.

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API AMMO-LOCK Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Ammonia Detoxifier 16-Ounce Bottle
  • Contains one (1) API AMMO-LOCK Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Ammonia Detoxifier 16-Ounce Bottle
  • Detoxifies ammonia in aquarium water and tap water
  • Works instantly to make aquarium water safe for fish
  • Reduction in ammonia levels measurable on any API Test Kits
  • Dose freshwater and saltwater every two days until ammonia is not detected

About API Ammo Lock

NH3 Tester
NH3 Tester

The product uses bio-mimicry to bind the ammonia molecules and break them down into amino acids, which are

then converted into minerals that can be used by plants. The reason the product is so effective is that its effectiveness does not rely on aerobic bacteria but anaerobic. The product has a special formula that allows it to neutralize the pH of the water, which is critical for the conversion of ammonia. The product is packed with a unique combination of the important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are critical for supporting the ecosystem in an aquarium. API Ammo Lock is a very effective product for the control of ammonia levels and is useful in aquariums of all sizes.


How to use API Ammo lock

API Ammo Lock
API Ammo Lock Ammonia detoxifier review
  1. Check the ammonia level of your water. There are multiple NH3 tester available in market like API ammonia test kit, API Ammonia Fw/Sw Test Kit, Tetra EasyStrips
  2. Fill the aquarium with water that does not exceed 75°F. Once the water reaches 75°F, add the API Ammo Lock.
  3. Prime the aquarium with aquarium water for at least 5 minutes. This will help the product dissolve and be more effective.
  4. Wait for about 1 hour to let the solution work.
  5. Test the water once a week for the first month and then every second month thereafter. If the test shows that the water has ammonia levels of less than 0.2 ppm, then the aquarium is ready to use.

Tips to keep your aquarium ammonia levels low

  • Regular Water change

Regular water changes will remove many of the ammonia molecules from the aquarium. It is crucial to check the taste of your aquarium water once a week as well as testing partial water changes of no more than 25% to help reduce toxic buildup, remove debris that the filtration system missed, and provide the trout with the oxygen they need.

  • Add plants to the aquarium

Plants will help remove ammonia molecules from the water.


  1. API Ammo Lock is a quick and easy way to eliminate the ammonia problem. It works within minutes.
  2. Ammo Lock uses the same technology as fish food.
  3. It works for all fish and saltwater and marine aquariums, not just freshwater.
  4. Ammo lock is highly effective. It doesn’t use the traditional form of ammonia control, which is through the increased population of nitrifying bacteria.
  5. It is also suitable for aquariums of all sizes.


  1. The product is expensive.
  2. The product is not intended for un-chlorinated saltwater aquariums.

Conclusion: How can you tell if this product is working? The ammonia detoxifier is a device that removes ammonia from the aquarium. Ammonia is a dangerous chemical that can seriously harm or kill fish and other aquatic life. The use of a detoxifier has been found to reduce the amount of ammonia in an aquarium by up to 99%. This reduction not only ensures the safety of the aquatic life, but also results in a safer environment for them. The API Ammo Lock works exactly as claimed and we recommend you to give it a try!

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API Ammo Lock


Ease of Use


Value for money


Safe to Use





  • API Ammo Lock is quick
  • Ammo Lock uses the same technology as fish food
  • It works for both tap water & salt water
  • Ammo lock is highly effective
  • It's suitable for all sizes of aquariums


  • Product is expensive
  • not intended for un-chlorinated saltwater aquariums

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