Seachem Prime Water Conditioner Review

Editor choice Seachem Prime Water Conditioner

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Seachem Prime water Conditioner can be used on tanks with bigger fishes, growing fishes and mini ponds. It works just as fine in any aquarium ...

Hikari Prazipro Review

Best value Hikari Prazipro Review

Hikari PraziPro is a ready-to-use liquid concentrate for both freshwater and marine tanks. It treats a range of parasites that is common on fishes including flukes, lasis, turbellarians, tapeworm, ...

Kusuri Wormer Plus Review

Kusuri Wormer Plus Review

Worms, flukes and parasites disturb the entire balance of an aquarium tank. The smaller breeds start getting thin in really quick time. The fishes start to develop excess slime and turn dark. They ...

Tetra SafeStart Plus Review

Best value Tetra SafeStart Plus Review

No fish tank comes ready. There are plenty of things to be done before you introduce the fishes. There is a lot of waiting period already. For starters, you have to let the water to settle for good ...

API TAP Water Conditioner Review

Best seller API TAP Water Conditioner Review

Having good quality water is a key for a healthy, safe & beautiful aquarium environment for your fishes. Most of us tend to use Tap water for the household aquariums. But tap ...

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